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Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Ensuring the protection of your business is among the most important steps you can take. Johnston Insurance has proudly served as Saskatchewan’s trusted insurance broker since 2001. Throughout these years, we have fostered strong relationships and loyal clientele by offering guidance on your insurance requirements, needs, and preparing you for unforeseen circumstances.

Having multiple locations nestled in the heart of the prairies, we are intimately connected to the farm businesses that form the bedrock of our communities. Over the years, we’ve diligently partnered with insurance companies with policies and comprehensive packages tailored to the unique needs of farms and agribusinesses. This specialization enables us to provide targeted support to our thriving agricultural sector.

Our coverage options are designed to cater to the diverse landscape of agricultural enterprises, from small family farms to large-scale corporations. Regardless of your farm’s size or scope, we are committed to safeguarding your farm and agribusiness with highly specialized coverage.

What does farm insurance cover?

  • Farm Homeowners
  • Machinery
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Fuel and Fuel Tank
  • Loss of Income
  • Agricultural Outbuildings
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Farm Liability
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Heat Prostration (Poultry)
  • Course of Construction

Farm Liability

Liability packages protect you and your family in the case of legal claims, and can also cover the property of others that is accidentally damaged by you.


Your farm machinery, equipment and tools can be protected from a variety of perils such as fire, collision, theft, upset or overturn. Certain Loss of Use coverages are also available.

Agricultural Outbuildings

Our companies will also cover your buildings and contents for damage caused by numerous perils including fire, windstorm, hail and collision.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown protection for you farm property, farm equipment and farm income.

Additional Features:

We can further tailor your insurance package to include coverage for Livestock, Feed, Grain, Chemicals, Fertilizer & Produce. Some of these coverages include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fire Suppression Recharge
  • Crime
  • Exhibition Floater
  • Fuel and Fuel Tank
  • Loss of Use – Farm Machinery
  • Newly Acquired Structures
  • Property of Employees
  • Property in Transit
  • Standing Grain or Seed Crops
  • Vet Supplies
  • Animal Collision
  • Beekeepers Coverage
  • Corrals and Fencing
  • Farm Building Bylaws
  • Harvested Product & Supplies
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Newly Constructed Structures
  • Private Power & Light Poles
  • Semen and Semen Tank
  • Tack
  • Valuable Papers
  • Animal Transit
  • Cattle Dog Coverage
  • Extra Expense
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Livestock
  • Milk Contamination
  • Office Contents and Computer Coverage
  • Professional Fees
  • Signs
  • Tools

Together with your broker you can tailor your coverage to provide the best protection for your operation. Make sure that you have the right coverage when you need it.

What type of farms are covered under farm insurance?

Coverage can be provided for all types of farms. Some of the most commonly covered farms include:

  • Dairy Farm
  • Hog Farm
  • Crop Farm
  • Potato
  • Poultry
  • Fruit & Berry Farm

Claims Service

We know that even the smallest of insurance claims can be time consuming. That is why we partner with companies that believe in settling claims promptly, efficiently and fairly. We are here as your broker to assist with the claims process.

Most of our partnering companies have 24 Hour Claims Service for emergency claims. All other claims can be reported to us, your broker, the next business day.

Our partner companies offer broad and comprehensive coverages that we can tailor to meet your specific farming needs. We strive to provide Farmers with competitive prices, peace of mind solutions and a fair claims process.

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