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Health & Travel Insurance

Life is unpredictable

Considering a vacation? Allocating time to visit loved ones or friends? Escaping the winter chill by heading down south? No matter your motivation for traveling, remember to prepare for the unexpected.

Regardless of whether your journey takes you beyond your province’s borders or to a foreign country, ensuring you have comprehensive insurance coverage for potential medical expenses is of paramount importance. The rationale is straightforward: while your provincial healthcare plan might cover emergency medical care expenses, the coverage is determined by the costs of similar services in your home province. Moreover, there are numerous crucial medical services that are not covered by government health plans. Consequently, depending on the location of the emergency and the treatment required, you might find yourself responsible for a significant financial burden.

From the time you secure your tickets to the scheduled departure day, a multitude of unforeseen events can transpire, rendering travel unexpectedly unfeasible. A family member might experience an injury or fall ill, necessitating your presence at home to offer vital care.

When you have travel insurance, you have more options — and fewer worries.

Travel Insurance

Through Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Tugo, and Group Medical Services (GMS), we are able to provide a variety of different travel policies including:

  • Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • Super Visa Insurance
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Multi-trip or Annual Travel Insurance 
  • Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Extended Health & Dental
  • Group travel
  • Custom Travel

We can quote you on rates based on the coverage and deductibles that work best for you!

Who should buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides many valuable benefits including peace of mind when you are travelling for: 

  • Canadians who are leaving their home province on a short or long term trips
  • Tourists or family members from another country visiting Canada
  • International workers
  • Foreign & International students
  • People who are awaiting provincial health coverage 
  • People who are applying for a Super Visa
  • Canadians returning home 
  • Travelling Canadians                          
  • Snowbirds                                            
  • Expatriates                                           
  • International travelers
  • Visitors to Canada

If you’re planning a trip outside of Saskatchewan, it’s critically important you confirm first that (1) you have travel insurance and that (2) the coverage meets your needs, including remaining active for the entire duration of your trip.

If you don’t have travel insurance, you really should purchase it as far in advance of your trip as possible.  The coverage is typically quite inexpensive but the protection it provides is priceless –almost.  You can avoid costly bills with a little bit of planning and by paying a relatively low insurance premium.  It’s the kind of insurance you really shouldn’t do without.

If you are planning a trip, give us a visit or a call and we’ll help you purchase a plan before you leave.

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